Our 3 Favourite All Natural Beauty Brands

Our 3 Favourite All Natural Beauty Brands

Imagine following what you may consider the ‘best skin-care routine’ every morning and night and waking up to find a new red, sore spot right in the middle of your forehead. I know that’s my worst nightmare!

I religiously wash my face with my favourite face cleanser acnedote by Alba Botanica ending with a Vitamin C rich serum from Andalou Naturals. Finally finishing with a moisturiser is key! I want my skin to feel smooth and hydrated after cleaning it out with a drying astringent. My favourite to put on just as I climb into bed is Tortuga from the 100% natural brand KEYS. The serum tightens the pores and the moisturiser hydrates deep into your skin so you will wake up with healthy glowing skin.

However attached I am to my current routine I have found 3 new amazing beauty brands that have convinced me to switch over to their products! I am also VERY picky when it comes to choosing new makeup…. I have been wearing the same brand for 5 years. These brands also offer all natural makeup options that still offer full coverage but are much better for your skin which will, in turn, stop your pores from clogging as easily so those little red menaces will stop showing up on our faces.


“I guess you can say, you are wearing flowers on your face when you wear Zuii”.

Zuii Organic is and Australian beauty brand created by “boss lady” Rose Beesey. She noticed that in the world of cosmetics there was a missing piece. That was fully organic products. Who says that organic has to be expensive? Often you will hear people complaining about how shopping for organic produce, food and beauty products is so much more money. This of course, is true in many cases. However, Zuii provides Certified Organic products made from real flowers for a lower cost.

Zuii prides themselves on how hard they have worked to achieve some of the best all natural beauty products in the world. They hold the most awards worldwide. They say, “these Certifications are not just to look good, but to guarantee that all of our products have met the highest possible standards”!


liquid foundation
Liquid Foundation // £42.50
finishing powder
Finishing Powder // £40

These are some of the new natural face makeup you have to try! They apply smoothly and keep your face fully covered all day. If you are looking for a little less coverage for a more natural glowing look they also have a luminous foundation that will provide you with this exact look.


“Knowing is Glowing”.

Sanela Lazic, luxury brand guru, is the mastermind behind the amazing products of Saint Iris Adriatica – or SIA.

‘It is a tribute to her Croatian heritage and blissful spirit of well being that comes naturally from the region’s thermal spas, snow-capped mountains and wild spaces’. Her audience is women who care about living an active lifestyle, with a passion for skin care and taking care of their over all well being.

Taking from traditional folk remedies the natural ingredients are the perfect combination to help your body and mind rejuvenate and ignore the stress of daily life. The most essential ingredient is ‘fjaka’. “Call it mindfulness in action or simply a state of bliss, fjaka comes naturally from living in the now and loving the feeling”. With the beautiful scents and uplifting textures you will be left silky smooth and with a smile on your face.

Saint Iris Adriatica Shop Banner Independent Fashion Brands

These moisturisers are perfect for any skin type! They have one for every type of condition your skin may have. If you tend to have sensitive skin using a natural product, number 1, is the best way to ensure you don’t have much of a reaction when trying out something new. Saint Iris Adriatica offers a body lotion that absorbs into your skin that will leave you with hydrated and soft skin. The body serum will also absorb into your skin and will work on evening the tone and make you shine.


Body Lotion // £48
Homepage Banner for blog
Body Serum // £46

“I cannot wait for the day when sustainability will be an expectation and not a choice” – Maya (Founder).

cut.le.crap has a mission as a beauty brand to cut out toxins, because frankly, “toxins are crap”. Toxins are a chemical that is found everywhere that effects our health and well being. They disrupt how our body works and essentially make us unwell. I know I like the sound of changing my idea of skin care when I read about what this amazing brand is able to achieve in their products. They are completely transparent as well and list every single ingredient that they use in their products.

Sustainability is also a major focus for this brand and their goal is to reduce their carbon footprint on the planet. When it comes to packaging they are using glass, aluminium and pant based plastic… even the label! Outside packaging is deemed unnecessary because all of the instructions of use are listed on the website. “Got to cut that crap out”.


Now favourite part of skin care… serum! These are a god send when it comes to keeping skin hydrated and glowing. Rosehip is the perfect beauty products for people with uneven skin, scars or acne-prone skin. It is full of fatty acids and Vitamin C. Marula Oil is going to make you glow like and Angel by pumping natural Vitamin E and Vitamin C deep into your skin.

rosehip oil
Rosehip Oil // £10
facial serum
Marula Oil // £14

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