The 5 Best Destinations for Your Summer Holiday

The 5 Best Destinations for Your Summer Holiday

he 5 Best Destinations for Your Summer Holiday

With the sun staying out for longer and the beautiful breeze of salty summer days returning, there is no better time than to be thinking about your next holiday. If you’re looking to travel for some soul searching, with a partner, or with your fav group of gals, these are your 5 best destinations to choose from for the ultimate fun in the sun.

New York City

For my Broadway lovers, my pizza connoisseurs and for the ones who hear the words “New York” beat in their heart, the ultimate summer holiday destination for 2019 would without a doubt, be New York City. Home to the worlds largest tourist attractions. The stunning empire state building, Statue of Liberty and the Rockefeller Centre. If you’re one for all the buzz, New York is for you. You can see the talented actors and singers who grace Broadway’s stages, stroll above the city along the elevated High Line, wander through the sprawling Central Park and explore the numerous museums. From the choice of boutique bed and breakfasts to penthouses at the Ritz Carlton, New York has something that suits everyone. In a city where inspiration is all around, take this trip for some soul searching, to reignite that love with your special someone, or with a group of friends for the ultimate girls’ trip, recreating gossip girl maybe?

Four Seasons - New York

The Maldives

A fairly obviously choice that’s often lost, the Maldives, the epitome of resort luxury. If you’re looking to spend days on the beach whilst getting hot stone massages and sipping cocktails (of course) the Maldives is perfect for you. An incredibly scenic location in the Indian Ocean, this summer holiday is one for the Instagram. The stark contrast of crystal clear blue water bodies collide with beautiful white sandy beaches, is something that just can’t be missed.

With a resort that offers luxury at all prices,enjoy your sanctuary with your special someone in a water bungalow, offered by many global hotel chains like the Four Seasons and Sheraton. Enjoy indulging in all the culture of the Maldives by joining one of their many group city tours. If you’re looking to bring back the heat, literally and metaphorically, make sure the Maldives makes the top of your list for 2019!

Four Season - Maldives


Being one of the hidden gems of the world, and home to Mount Kilimanjaro, a summer holiday in Tanzania is every adventure enthusiast and animal lovers dream. With the presence of the Serengeti National Park, one of the worlds largest of it’s kind, and domestic to some of the most magnificent mammals like elephants and lions roaming freely, this holiday destination is for those looking to reconnect with the earth. In all it’s myriad of expressions, Tanzania gives an experience that can’t be recreated in major, tourist heavy cities, and provides the ultimate experience for those looking to get away from the busy hustle of city life. Looking to experience what ultimate relaxation can be? Book your tickets to Tanzania immediately.

Bonus: Tanzania does not require a visa for most passport holders, and if you book in advance then ticket prices come at a striking deal!

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Florence, Italy

In all of Europe’s beautiful cities, one that definitely stands out time and time again, is Florence. If you’re looking to immerse yourself in rich culture, then this is the perfect summer destination for you. Florence is a city rich in museums, beautiful churches and most notably the impeccable cuisine. The best way to explore the city? Stroll around the city on foot, or rent a bicycle to make your large amount of exercise more enjoyable. You can also see so much more by bicycle. Companies like ‘I Bike Florence’ will take guests on a full-day trek through the city on vintage bicycles, ending with an ice-cold helping of gelato. I Consider this a picture-perfect Italian day. For incredible views of the city, take a short uphill walk to Piazzale Michelangelo. Stop along the way at one of the many quaint boutiques and the incredible cafes, all whilst soaking in the sun. For my luxury lovers, Tuscany is home to one of the most sought after Four Seasons in the world, where inside, you will find a replica of The David standing in the lobby. Now I don’t know about you, but that sounds like ultimate luxury to me.

Four Seasons - Florence


Saving the best for last, no place explores the celebratory nature of a holiday than the glamorous city of Dubai. Located in the United Arab Emirates, a nice way away from many highly populated tourist centric cities, Dubai is where dreams become reality. In a city where having everything is the norm, choose from skiing in a minus 10 degree temperature, or let your hair enjoy the humidity at Dubai’s many water parks. With a place perfect for solo travel to big groups, enjoy taking in Dubai’s culture at many of it’s night safari tours and overnight Bedouin camps. Home to the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa this is definitely a sight not to be missed. Visit one of the world’s largest shopping centres, the Dubai Mall, if you’re looking to treat yourself with a view and some shopping splurges. Dubai is likely to be your ultimate summer holiday destination, from adventure enthusiasts to shopaholics, this city truly never sleeps and has something to offer for everyone.

Four Seasons - Dubai
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